Unglück: Vier Segler durch Stromschlag gestorben

An Bord verbrannt

In Polen sind vier Personen an Bord verbrannt, weil der Mast ihres Segelbootes eine Hochspannungsleitung berührt hat.

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Ein Kommentar „Unglück: Vier Segler durch Stromschlag gestorben“

  1. avatar jerrythesailor sagt:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Would You be so kind to correct Your message “An Bord verbrannt” dated 14/04/14:
    – The accident took place in the mouth of Cieplicówka Channel (Landgraben). This is completly different place then circled on your ilustration…
    – This channel is not formally considered as “navigable” (hovever sailing here is not forbidden). That means there is no means of navigation, no dregging, no colapsable bridges, no vegetation trimming, et caetera. Last but not least – there is no signs regarding height of the cable crossings. The responsibility for sailing such kind of waters lies fully with the sailor…
    In fact – this channel is very rarely used – blocked by vegetation most part of the year and crossed by bridges, one of them of 1.5m height only.
    – According general regulations regarding cable crossings with not navigable waters, the required height has to be over 5 m. The height of electric cables (15kV) in Cieplicówka mouth at the time of accident was 8.5m.
    – The actual mast height of the boat involved was circa 9m. You can see the boat involved here http://www.naturapark.info/czarter_jachtu
    – This is very sad and tragic story… Those who perished were very expirienced local sailors… The accident occured full daylight, electric cables out there are very well visible. Moreover – at least one of died has visited this forgotten channel before, on the same boat.
    Hopefully the investigation will give us some answers…

    Best Regards
    Jerry Rowinski

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